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Hull Cleaning


Underwater hull cleaning is a proven cost-saving tool for vessel operators. Fouled bottoms result in greater frictional resistance which leads to increased fuel consumption and reduced speed. Higher fuel costs coupled with shorter turnaround times have led to increasing demand for professional hull cleaning services.

We have taken care of, and are currently taking care of larger, more custom vessels, varying different types of vessels, hull cleaning ranging from barges, tugboats, tankers, container vessel, bulk carriers, VLCC and ULCC. We understand that all vessels and working platforms are different and that they need different types of attention, such as vessels with large props, keel coolers, and large intakes.

Our job is to keep marine growth from collecting in your intakes and on your hull. Props and shafts will be also cleaned, and all metals will be closely watched and protected. Zinc replacement(Sacrificial anodes) is an important factor in keeping a vessel in the water. Many companies will replace zinc on a scheduled cycle. Our experience is that every boat is different and zinc should be changed at the end of its useful life.

How we do it
  • We owned several fully functional dive boats with built-in surface supply diving equipment, and a powerful underwater power washer, and also utilise our Hydraulic Sub Brush System, which is semi-automatic, having rotary brushes, designed to be controlled by our divers. Our complete range of brushes was specially designed to tackle any marine growth, such as the soft nylon brush attachment, which is designed to brush off marine growth, without damaging welding lines, and/ or paintworks.

  • Our hull cleaning can also be supported with, or optioned for, with our team of ROV professionals and our integrated Remote Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV), which can also be equipped with similar brushes, even at the deep draft or late night where visibility is not as good.

  • Hull cleaning will also be offered with softcopy reports to our clients, with high quality photos which are always well received.