Brush-Kart Hydraulic Brushing Machine: It is the most perfected unit available, with a cleaning rate of up to 5,000 square meters per hour using the BRUSH-KART and is designed for fast and efficient cleaning of large vessels, such as VLCC tankers, with the fewest personnel. 

When submerged in water, this cleaning machine weighs approximately 130 kg and has a slight positive buoyancy with a suction force of 750 kg. With each pass, the machine cleans a 1.4-metre-wide strip at speeds ranging from 0 to 50 meters per minute. The front wheels are driven by a hydraulic motor, which allows the vehicle to move forward. Three articulated rotation brushes, each with a diameter of 0.5 meter and a rotational speed of approximately 1,200 RPM.

The BRUSH-KART handles the sharp curvature of a vessel's hull with a radius of 2.5 to 3 metres admirably. The diver operator can adjust the forward speed using the metering value. The BRUSHKART's flexible mounted brush holder is an exclusive feature that allows it to work on any vessel's sharp radius while acting as a shock absorber. Furthermore, if your vessel is passing through or calling at the port of Singapore and you require more information about the aforementioned services or any other type of underwater work, please contact us to discuss your requirements.