Lean Manpower Development Initiatives

ROV: (current project) An autonomous underwater robot with cables linking it to a ship is known as a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). These cables provide command and control signals from the operator to the ROV, enabling the vehicle to be operated remotely. A video camera, illumination, sonar systems, and an articulating arm may all be included in a ROV.

While ROVs may be used for a variety of purposes, the most typical hydrographic applications are object identification and vessel hull inspections. Although a ROV is not meant to replace hydrographic diver studies, it may be beneficial in instances where divers are unavailable or diver safety is an issue.

Using ROVs can reduce the manpower needed for a manpower intensive project.
By embarking on a project to improve the limitations of ROV for Hull cleaning and inspections, we are able to retrain/reskill our pool of manpower to be more tech savvy in line with skills conversion and upskilling, and introducing it as a age friendly workplace.

Our team of ROV personnel, we are working to make this technology as efficient as possible for the benefit of our clients, while ensuring the safety of our team at every step of the way.


Green Initiatives to save the environment

JP Ocean is working towards MPA’s goal of Decarbonisation Towards 2050. “MPA hopes to reduce absolute emissions from the domestic harbour craft fleet by 15% by 2030, compared to 2021 levels, by implementing lower carbon energy solutions such as blended biofuel, LNG, diesel-electric hybrid propulsion, and full electric propulsion. By transitioning to full-electric propulsion and net zero fuels, MPA hopes to have cut emissions in half from 2030 levels by 2050.”

JP Ocean is making constant upgrading to our workboats by equipping and installing solar panelling and making great efforts to run on clean energy. Interim, all departments are reducing paper usage by going digital and reduce plastic waste through day to day conscientious effort to reduce, reuse, recycle.